Schools Sending the Most Students to College

Below is a list of the top 75 high schools ranked by the percentage of students who start the school in 9th grade, go on to graduate in four years, and also go to college within 6 months.  It should give you a good sense of the school’s college-going culture.  The numbers are calculated using the DOE’s public graduation rates and their college attendance rates.  The college attendance rates that the DOE posts tell you the percentage of graduating students who go to college.  My numbers tell you the percentage of ALL students in a grade at the school going to college.

Keep in mind that these numbers don’t tell you anything about whether students are prepared for college, what kinds of colleges students are going to (2-year or 4-year, selective or not), or how well they do once they get there.  That said, I still believe this is useful information.

I also think you’ll find a few surprises on this list – for example, would you have guessed that the High School for Construction Trades, a Career and Technical Education school, is ranked in the top ten percent of all high schools in the city for sending students to college?

I’ve also included information about admissions standards on this list for your use.  Here’s how I determined my admissions categories:

  • Specialized – Students must take the SHSAT to be accepted
  • Audition – Students must audition to be accepted
  • Zoned – Students must live within the school zone to be accepted
  • Ed Opt – A DOE admissions term – half the students are selected based on grades and scores, the other half are accepted by lottery
  • Limited Unscreened – Students are accepted by lottery, with preference going to students who attend an Open House
  • Most Selective – Students need grades of 90 or higher to be accepted
  • Very Selective – Students need grades of 85 or higher to be accepted
  • Moderately Selective – Students need grades of 80 or higher to be accepted
  • Somewhat Selective – Students need grades of 75 (or, in rare cases 70) or higher to be accepted
Townsend Harris High School 100% Most Selective
Bronx High School of Science 100% Specialized
High School of American Studies at Lehman College 99% Specialized
Queens High School for the Sciences at York College 98% Specialized
High School for Mathematics, Science and Engineering at City College 98% Specialized
Stuyvesant High School 98% Specialized
Scholars’ Academy 96% Very Selective
Eleanor Roosevelt High School 95% Most Selective
Bard High School Early College 94% Very Selective
Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts 93% Audition
Bard High School Early College Queens 93% Very Selective
Brooklyn Technical High School 91% Specialized
Baruch College Campus High School 91% Very Selective
Staten Island Technical High School 90% Specialized
Baccalaureate School for Global Education 89% Most Selective
High School for Dual Language and Asian Studies 88% Moderately Selective
Leon M. Goldstein High School for the Sciences 87% Very Selective
Beacon High School 87% Very Selective
N.Y.C. Museum School 86% Moderately Selective
Queens Gateway to Health Sciences Secondary School 85% Moderately Selective
Brooklyn Latin School, The 85% Specialized
Frank Sinatra School of the Arts High School 84% Audition
Brooklyn College Academy 83% Very Selective
Science, Technology and Research Early College High School at Erasmus 83% Moderately Selective
Millennium High School 83% Most Selective
New Explorations into Science, Technology and Math High School 81% Very Selective
Urban Assembly School for Applied Math and Science, The 79% Limited Unscreened
High School for Public Service: Heroes of Tomorrow 79% Somewhat Selective and Ed Opt Programs
Talent Unlimited High School 78% Audition
Manhattan / Hunter Science High School 78% Moderately Selective
N.Y.C. Lab School for Collaborative Studies 78% Very Selective
Young Women’s Leadership School, Queens 78% Moderately Selective
Young Women’s Leadership School 75% Moderately Selective
All City Leadership Secondary School 75% Limited Unscreened
High School for Construction Trades, Engineering and Architecture 75% Somewhat Selective
CSI High School for International Studies 75% Limited Unscreened
Manhattan Village Academy 74% Moderately Selective
Medgar Evers College Preparatory School 74% Moderately Selective
Bedford Academy High School 72% Somewhat Selective and Moderately Selective Programs
Academy of American Studies 72% Ed Opt and Very Selective Programs
Academy of Finance and Enterprise 72% Limited Unscreened
Bronx Health Sciences High School 71% Limited Unscreened
The Urban Assembly School for Law and Justice 70% Limited Unscreened
World Journalism Preparatory: A College Board School 69% Limited Unscreened
Midwood High School 69% Most Selective and Zoned Programs
Pelham Preparatory Academy 69% Limited Unscreened
Pace High School 68% Limited Unscreened
Benjamin Banneker Academy 67% Moderately Selective
Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics 67% Very Selective
Francis Lewis High School 66% Very Selective, Ed Opt and Zoned Programs
East-West School of International Studies 66% Limited Unscreened
It Takes a Village Academy 66% Limited Unscreened
Williamsburg Preparatory School 64% Limited Unscreened
Bayside High School 63% Very Selective, Audition, Limited Unscreened, Ed Opt and Zoned Programs
Theatre Arts Production Company School 63% Audition
Channel View School for Research 63% Limited Unscreened
High School for Health Professions and Human Services 63% Very Selective and Ed Opt Programs
Riverdale / Kingsbridge Academy (Middle School / High School 141) 63% Moderately Selective
Professional Performing Arts High School 62% Audition
Benjamin N. Cardozo High School 62% Most Selective, Audition, Ed Opt, Limited Unscreened and Zoned Programs
High School for Environmental Studies 61% Very Selective and Ed Opt Programs
University Heights Secondary School 61% Somewhat Selective
Brooklyn Secondary School for Collaborative Studies 60% Limited Unscreened
Frederick Douglass Academy 60% Very Selective
High School of Telecommunication Arts and Technology 59% Ed Opt
Knowledge and Power Preparatory Academy International High School (Kappa) 58% Limited Unscreened
Bronx Center for Science and Mathematics 58% Limited Unscreened
The Michael J. Petrides School 57% Ed Opt
Thomas A. Edison Career and Technical Education High School 57% Very Selective, Moderately Selective and Somewhat Selective Programs
Repertory Company High School for Theatre Arts 57% Audition
Marble Hill High School for International Studies 57% English Language Learners Only
High School of Economics and Finance 57% Ed Opt
The High School of Fashion Industries 56% Audition
Edward R. Murrow High School 56% Audition and Ed Opt
Hostos-Lincoln Academy of Science 55% Somewhat Selective

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